Porter County Schools

The state of Indiana is known for a great many things, but county fairs have long been at the top of the list. The Midwest is a place where the rhythms of life are celebrated in countless ways, but here in Porter County, much of that passion flows into the fair every year. Newcomers to the area often marvel at the event for its wide selection of food, events and communal treats.

Of course, this region offers far more than the County Fair. Porter is a place where plenty of interests find a home, which is why on any given day you can find residents playing golf, hiking in the hills or visiting the library. Head into the library, in fact, and you can find a number of illustrated volumes devoted expressly to life in this picturesque part of the state.

Beyond the Porters County Fair

The very same academic fervor that feeds the rest of the town also infuses Valparaiso University with its particular brand of curiosity. For years, Valparaiso residents have attended the university to gain degrees in higher education, including some state-level figures and politicians. Suffice it to say, a visit to the County Fair in Porter hardly scratches the surface of everything this community has to offer.

From the County Fair to Porter's own intellectual culture, Valparaiso is a place that rewards active minds. If you want the inside track to the Porter County Fair or anything else in the community, try getting in touch with local expert developers, such as Grande Prairie, today.