Porter County Airport

Valparaiso is well known for its leisurely way of life, and a growing number of developers are only increasing the community's appeal. Long-celebrated local institutions like Valparaiso University have received makeovers in recent years, and the number of custom homes in the area is only growing. Today, there is more interest in Valparaiso than ever before.

Families tend to gravitate toward this part of Northwest Indiana because of the fantastic education opportunities and safe streets. Places such as Kouts and Morgan High School have earned fine reputations for outpacing statewide averages in most metrics, and today, Kouts and Morgan High School in the Valparaiso area continue to attract students from across the region. Add in plenty of libraries, parks and other recreational offerings, and it's no wonder so many families consider Valparaiso a good place to plant their roots.

The Valparaiso Area

Nearby Boone Grove is equally known for its sunny attractions, including:

  • The Brauer Museum of Art
  • The beautiful Creekside Golf Course
  • Plenty of lovely waterways and parks.

Children of all ages travel to Boone Grove in the summer for fishing and hiking especially, and it's not unusual to see grownups picnicking in its public parks. If Valparaiso is your destination of choice, you would be hard-pressed to run out of things to do.

You can learn more about the Valparaiso school systems now simply by getting in touch with local developers such as Grande Prairie. Often insiders like these have the most useful information about which neighborhoods offer the greatest benefits for you and your children.