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Valparaiso tourism is on the rise, propelled in no small part by the increase of development in this region. As more people discover the many gifts of the area and long-time residents spread the word about its singular museums and parks, the rest of the state has slowly taken notice. Today, Valparaiso is regularly listed among the best places to live in this part of the country--a testament to its inviting culture.

People travel to Porter County throughout the year in search of events such as wine tastings, music festivals and the County Fair. Along the way, they sample excellent cuisine and some of the most enchanting artisanal crafts in the state. Tourism in Valpo owes much of its success to the reputation of Porter itself, and the County boasts a growth rate that makes surrounding enclaves green with envy.

Valparaiso Tourism Is at an All-Time High

Some of Valparaiso's other recreational offerings include:

  • Public concerts and summer festivals each year
  • Hiking, skiing and plenty of outdoor activities
  • Regular neighborhood events to suit every taste

Come visit Valparaiso today, and experience the very best Indiana has to offer. Whether you are here for tourism, business or because you want to move into this beautiful area, try seeking help from the people who know this region best. Grande Prairie developers can answer many of your questions about housing and neighborhoods in Valpo and beyond.